Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weekend Update

Saturday we headed to Indy to do Christmas with my family. It went really well. Noah got some new duds and some great building blocks that are made of foam and not wood so when he wings them at the dog, they don't hurt. Dave got the Bourne movies and a new pan for cooking. I got a new toaster, some sheets, and some really nice jewelery.

Noah was another monster though. He only got an hour nap, so he alternated between being manic and the life of the party to throwing serious tantrums. It drove me crazy...especially since I wasn't entirely sure how to defuse it amongst company and at someone else's house. He was amusing though because he was more interested in playing with his cousin Mallory's baby doll than open presents. He kept giving it a bottle and pushing it around in a stroller. He had a hard time relinquishing it when it was time to leave. Just give my boy a doll and a stroller and he is happy. I think it brings out his nurturing side. :-)

We ended up having to leave fairly early to let senor crabby pants sleep in the car. Along the way, we got a call from our friends Dan and Darlene, and they wanted to hang out on Sunday night, but Dave is working we told them to come over here and hang out later on that night. So, The Griffens, Kauffman, Mindy and Terry all came over and we played games until late last night. It was a lot of fun. Again, another great chance for us to connect with people we haven't connected with in awhile.

Today, I am helping out in kid's church. The lead teacher Mindy just came down with "the bug"...the evil stomach flu bug that is plaguing everyone within a 5 foot radius of an infected person. So, I am not sure what the morning will bring. I printed off some stuff in case I end up leading it vs. helping. I'm willing to be flexible, so whatever works.

Later, after Noah's nap I am planning on maybe doing some shopping and make a few exchanges. We'll see how he does this morning. He has been an absolute angel while we have been in the mall the last few times we have gone...let's hope the streak continues.

Have a great Sunday!

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Mindy said...

Thanks again for covering for me this morning, I wouldn't have even been able to walk across the street to church, much less teach a lesson.