Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Friday

Apparently, Noah did not get that memo. Since he has woken up he has thrown himself on the floor in various tantrums and for the life of me, I have no idea what is setting him off. He now has his frog and blanket (his comfort things) and milk and has climbed up next to me. Let's hope as he continues throughout the day that his mood changes for the better. I am not sure if he has had too much Christmas or if his schedule has been changed one too many times, but it seems as if these tantrums are fairly frequent right now...which I am not a fan of. Suggestions for the treatment of these outbursts?

Yesterday was sort of a melancholy day for the most part...until the evening. After making (yes) 2 dinners because Dave didn't like what I had already started, and Noah didn't even end up eating what I (then) ended up making for just he and I, I was a little frustrated. However, Noah and Dave started getting silly. Finally, when I went to put Noah in the bath, he ran out of the bathroom naked and for some reason, it was really funny seeing a little nakey bum running around. So, Dave and I were laughing, which caused Noah to start laughing and then peeing all over my carpet. Oops. :-) So, out came the steam cleaner...and while I was at it, I just decided to do all the carpets...something that has been on my to-do list for the last week. Dave was actually really helpful carrying the water and refilling it for me. Then, as my Christmas present (seriously...what I asked for), he gave Chester a bath so I finally feel as though we are living in semi-cleanliness. As we were sitting on the couch last night watching Coach Carter (I LOVE any kind of inspirational sports movie...Rudy, Remember the Titans, Hoosiers, Glory Road, and yes...Coach Carter) I realized my day got totally better after I cleaned the carpets. There is something to be said for a thorough cleaning that just makes you feel better.

This of course got me to thinking...what is in my heart that needs a spiritual cleaning? I definitely feel dusty and maybe a little dirty. If the feeling of physical cleanliness is so great, spiritual cleanliness has to feel SO much better.

Lord, help me to clean out the spiritual closets in my me to dust off the areas that need to be used more and wipe clean the stains that sin has left in my life. Cleanse me Lord.

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Ann said...

Sorry it's been a hard morning already! Ignore, distract, and help him understand his feelings--this is the short version of the article, I'll bring the full version that talks more about speaking toddler-ese. You feel silly doing it, but it works!