Monday, December 10, 2007


Today has been nice. It started with a phone call from my neighbor to let me borrow some maternity clothes. It's so fun "shopping" in other people's closets. Well, after I was done, she offered to watch Noah while I finished my reading for my meeting with Leah. It was so nice to read in peace. After I picked him up, had lunch, and laid him down for his nap...Leah came over and we talked about the book we are reading, Power Healing. It's actually a really good book. I have learned a lot from it and its pretty insightful and has met me where I am at right now.

I also made chocolate dipped pretzels for our RVC party tonight. That was fun. I made sure to do it while Noah was napping. I'm sure he would have "helped", but I just decided to get it done by myself.

The afternoon has been pretty low-key. I have made my dinner list for this week. I find that if I don't plan out dinners for the week, we resort to mac and cheese and frozen pizza. Now I just need to hit Meijer. We are just biding our time now until the party at 6pm.

This blog is not really exciting...sorry about that. It hasn't been an overly exciting day here.

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Ann said...

Sorry we missed the party! Not0so-exciting days are a good thing...