Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Update

Well, we were crazy and traveled to Bloomington, IL on Sunday right after the snow storm. We had promised my mom that we would do Christmas with her and she was counting on off we went braving the snow. Thankfully, Dave is a very capable driver and does really well even in the snow. The roads weren't too terrible once we hit the Interstate. Anyway, Christmas with my mom went fine. No drama and we met her new boyfriend, Dick. He seems like a really nice man. Noah came away with quite a few new toys.

We also made quick visits with Dave's friend from vet school, Jamie and her husband Tim. They are expecting their first baby in July and just had their first ultrasound. We also made a quick visit to my friend from highschool, Brooke. It was really nice to see her as well.

I just finished ordering Christmas cards...I am a little behind in getting them done. I have been waiting on Dave's job stuff to finalize the Christmas letter. I was astounded by the # of cards that I ordered...I know THAT many people?! Those are only just the people that I had addresses for (or am able to hand out). Yikes! It will be a busy day on Wednesday when I will most likely get around to assembling them.

I feel like the month of December has passed me by like a freight train. Christmas Eve is a week from today. What?! I just blinked and here we are. I am behind in everything...Christmas cards, christmas cookies...The only thing that I am on top of is Christmas presents (so far). I am only hoping to get them out BEFORE Christmas. What have I been doing with my time...twiddling my thumbs?! Unfortunately, no...I am not really great at that anyway. Life has been busier than usual, I guess. We've traveled more this month trying to see relatives we haven't had an opportunity to see recently and Dave's job stuff has kept our minds preoccupied the last few weeks, and just life in general seems to have been on a higher speed than usual. Not that any of this is bad...its just well..busy.

I feel like I am whining...and perhaps I am. I didn't get much sleep last night and was up early. I am not a person that does well on little sleep (ask my husband). I should probably sign off fear that when I read this blog in the morning I will cringe.

Have a good night...and remind me in January when I am bored out of my gourd (whatever that means) that I complained about being too busy in December. :-)

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