Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Pukey Christmas

The family that pukes together...does what? Has lots of messes to clean up. Please pray for us right now as the bug that Noah has had the last few days has been passed on for sure to Dave (and I am not sure about myself yet). Last night as we were coming home from Dave's parents, Dave got really sick. He spent most of the night throwing up, which landed him in the ER last night. He was in the ER from about 11 until 3am where they gave him an IV and some medicine to help (hopefully) subside the nausea. He came home around 3ish this morning and has been fitfully sleeping ever since.

Noah although not throwing up had diarrhea twice this morning already and has been cranky.

I have thrown up twice this morning and am not feeling all too hot myself. Thankfully we did not make any plans for today so we are all just lying around wherever we land and trying to heal.

Just please be praying for swift healing...especially for Dave who has to go into work tonight because they are short-staffed as it is. He won't be able to get anyone to cover him. Pray that he heals quickly throughout the day and that his bug is only 24 hours.

I just laid Noah down, so since this is the only time that I can for sure rest, I am going to utilize it. Hope everyone else has a wonderful Merry Christmas and for Pete's sake...stay healthy!

Update (as of 2:25pm):

Dave got someone to cover him at work...it just wasn't going to happen. He has barely moved all day. I napped with Noah and am still having a hard time keeping food down and feel very nauseas and have no energy. Dave finally called his parents to take Noah just so that he doesn't get sick again and because neither one of us really have the energy to adequately meet his needs. Dave's dad just came and got him. This is the first time I have left him alone overnight. I know that he is in great hands with Dave's parents. They know the drill and are super great with him. That, unfortunately didn't stop the tears from flowing as they pulled out of the driveway. Noah was perfectly fine going "buh-bye". Mommy...not so much. I am having a wave of feeling better so I have started to disinfect...starting with laundry. I want to try and disinfect and clean as best I can before bringing Noah back here. No need to keep passing this around. I also might take the kid-free time to take another nap and lay around myself...(pause while I run to the bathroom and toss my cookies.) Nix cleaning...I am going to try and find a good piece of couch to get comfortable in and pray there is something worth watching on the tube.

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the rockstar said...

I hope you all get better! That sounds pretty gross, to say the least.

I have gotten sucked into watching this show "Made" on MTV. It is not really that great, but it is reality TV. I cannot resist reality TV sometimes. Anyway... Good luck holding down the cookies! :)