Monday, December 24, 2007

The verdict

Perhaps it is fitting on Christmas Eve when the birth of God's son occurred to announce that we are also having another boy. The ultrasound was tricky again as the baby is breach right now...However, our doctor finally got a relatively clear shot where she is pretty positive that it is a boy. It will be more clear once the baby turns (if he does).

Dave and I are both really excited, but I must admit my emotions are sort of in a jumble. In my mind, I have been mentally picturing a girl now for the last 6 months and have even had dreams that it was a girl, so I need a few moments to adjust to the fact that my house will be running on testosterone for the next 18-20 years. If this was a girl, I was set to tell Dave, OK...we can be done. He's been shooting for only 2 and I for awhile wanted more. Now, I am not sure anymore. Don't get me wrong...give me a year with 2 boys and I may just say...NO MORE! :-) I'm just not quite ready to say that with assurence yet.

We may find that we will settle in happily with 2 boys and that is the family that God has ordained for us. Or, He may have other plans.

As we were driving home from Dave's parents house this evening, I found myself in the stillness listening to Christmas carols...and got to thinking about Jesus' birth. I'm pretty sure Mary had not envisioned having a child out of wedlock, or giving birth in a stable without an epidural and with less than sanitary conditions, but that is how God wrote her story...and it is now the greatest story ever told.

We are having two boys and I'm looking forward to the story that will unfold from there. (I'm sure it will be a tale to tell!)

Merry Christmas everyone!


Kelsey said...

Hurray!!! I am so excite for you! Honestly, I thought it would be a girl too. No particular reason, I just really felt like it would. But I am sure that this boy will be just as delightful as Noah and you will have a precious family! I can't wait to meet him!

Jonell's package with your letter arrived today, which was perfect timing! I LOVE both of the pictures.

I got an update on my grandpa today. He had a twisted section in his colon and has to decide if he's going to have it removed. If he does he might not survive the surgery given his health state, and if he doesn't the colon might burst and spread the infection through the rest of his body. First they are going to try a powerful stool softener and see what that does. Thanks for praying!

the rockstar said...

Finally, the comment box opened. Seriously, dial-up is for the birds...

Anyway, I just wanted to say congrats on another boy! I, like Kelsey, did have a gut feeling it was going to be a girl. I guess we were all wrong about that. Nonetheless, I am sure the little guy will be a great addition to the Yenerich clan! Think of it this way... No weddings to pay for!! :)

Ann said...

Congratulations!!! Sometimes I can't decide if technology is a good thing or a bad thing--it opens up thinking about all kinds of stuff before its time. (I had in my head that you were having a girl too :)) But think--you'll be better able to pass down clothes, they may share common interests--instant bff :)