Sunday, December 2, 2007

Noah's Dedication

Noah was dedicated this morning. Simply, Dave and I vowed to raise him to know and love Jesus. Both sets of parents were there. It was really great to be surrounded by family this morning. This morning, during worship we sang the song, "I answered." I find it amusing that that song was the catalyst for my spiritual re-evaluation almost 2 months ago. Now, singing it today...I really feel as though God did indeed answer.

After the dedication, we came home. My dad had made pulled pork and we hung out here at the house. Later, after my parents left, Dede and I went shopping for awhile while the boys watched football and slept.

I have been so thankful to Dave for his support especially the last few days. He has really been on top of the "daddy" card. Meaning, besides the usual playing and discipling he has been doing a lot more of the routine things without me having to ask. It has been really nice...especially as it is getting harder for me to change positions fast anymore. We haven't had much time together recently between my trip to Champaign and his work and then the dedication today, but what we have had has been nice. I am so thankful for my guys and all the fun and joy they bring me. :-)

Now, Dave is off to work overnight, Noah is in bed, and I am pooped. I just finished straightening the house and am about ready to take a bath and finish my reading for my meeting with Leah tomorrow. Have a good night!

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