Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday cont.

Well, Dan and Darlene called and wanted to hang out...which totally made my day brighter. I haven't hung out with them in such a long while. Kauffman and Mikey came over as well and we made tacos and chilled. The guys did a great job of keeping my wild child entertained. They even taught him the basics of Nintendo...although Noah was more interested in trying to control both remotes at the same time. It was nice to have company to break up the day. I love having people over at the house. I don't always have "party plans" on hand...but if people want to hang out and chill...they are always welcome.

In other news, I went back to Target today and got the camera. Dave is currently playing with it right now. We finally just put the imp to bed. He should be good and worn out from playing. Maybe, just maybe he'll sleep in just a little bit tomorrow. :-) Now I need to go unwind myself. I need to get caught up on my reading (Power Healing) before I meet with Leah tomorrow. Have a great night!

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Ann said...

I can't believe I missed a whole page of entries!! Congrats on the new camera...I think :) And yes, packing for a family is definitely an adventure...