Friday, December 21, 2007

Sick Day

This morning, when Noah woke up he reeked of puke. I went in and checked his bed and he apparently had puked sometime through the night and fallen back asleep in it. Poor kid. Noah throws up fairly often due to an overactive gag reflex. All it takes is a bad bought of coughing and he can puke so I didn't think too much of it this morning. However, it took me awhile to get the sheets off and him through the bath because my stomach tends to still be a little sensitive first thing in the morning. I went and worked out at the gym and Dave (who by this time had come home from work) said he would stay with him just in case he was actually sick. When I got back from thr gym, Dave was asleep on the floor and Noah was just playing around him. It was kind of cute and comical.

Dave ended up going to lay down in bed. Meanwhile, I am trying to find his thermometer because he was very cuddly and felt slightly warm. As I am digging around in the closet Noah comes to me, pulls his binky out of his mouth and hands it to me, then promptly throws up all over me, himself, the floor, and the wall. I didn't need a thermometer then to realize that he was indeed sick and it wasn't just a fluke accident. Dave slept through the whole ordeal...even me steam cleaning the carpet right outside his door. Got Noah cleaned up for the second time and we spent some more time cuddling in the chair. I have just now put him to bed and hope to finally take a shower. I am still smelling puke and I really don't want to think too deeply on that.
I called the doctor's office and they say its going around and to just take it easy the next few days. At least it is happening now and not right around Christmas. Truthfully, I don't love when Noah is sick (for his sake), and could live without the puke (for my sake), but since he is not so much of a cuddler on a regular basis...I am soaking up the cuddles today...and I'll just keep praying that he gets better soon.
Off to re-tuck my kid in because I hear him over the monitor and then to jump in the shower.


Kelsey said...

Poor kid! Give him some extra snuggles from me. Hope you and Dave don't catch it!

Ann said...

I hope it's a 24 hr flu...and that you and Dave don't get it! Harmony and I both had it in fun!