Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Well, I finished my Christmas cards this morning with Dave's help. He was an expert folder and helped me put labels on them. I am so glad that that project is finished. If I have your address, you should be receiving yours in the near future. We picked up our friend Ben, who is having his car being worked on. He came with us to Noah's check-up and is now camping out on the couch. It's nice that he feels comfortable and that we can keep doing other things too (like me blogging or cleaning). Anyway, it should be a fairly low-key afternoon. My friend Becky W. might come over later with her son, River to play. Other than that, I am just working on cleaning the house (which didn't happen yesterday because we ran errands all afternoon). I enjoy friends coming over and feeling at home here.

Anyway, have an awesome Wednesday.

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