Saturday, December 8, 2007


Well, Noah didn't sleep in. All morning I was in a funk...just not feeling good and my patience was nil. Finally, when Noah went down for his nap, I decided to lay down myself. Two and a half hours later I wake up to Noah UNDER my bed playing. What the heck?! Dave was home, so I was not being a bad mom...I just couldn't believe that I slept that long. Fortunately, it really helped my mood. I am still struggling a little with walking...I have a hitch in my hip that keeps catching (if that makes any sense at all). Bottom hurts when I walk...bad. Not much I can do about it until the chiropractor on Monday. Oh well.

Anyway, on another note...our camera (3.2 megapixels and well loved) has started dying. So, this season we have been on the hunt for a new camera. Even better, through some bonuses at work, the cost of one for us is virtually nothing. We talked with the geek squad at Best Buy and decided on the Sony Cybershot. Well, we have tried ordering it online at 2 different places for a lot less than in stores. They keep calling us back after confirming our orders to say they are out of stock for 6-8 weeks. So, after all that, we decided to just go ahead and buy it at Target (with a $50 giftcard and getting 10% off our purchase for starting a Target card). It's a frickin awesome camera. I love it. However, it has one little hiccup when we try to get it on the sports mode. Dave is now taking it back to Target to see if they can either fix it or exchange it. (pause). He just called me...they took the camera back since that function wasn't working. However...they have NO MORE IN STOCK. What's the deal?! We have a raincheck to go get one for the same price and he told me that they get trucks in every day. I guess I'll just have to keep checking. Grrrrrrr.

On a more upbeat note (the camera WAS supposed to be upbeat until the phone call just came in) we had a very nice day at home today. Dave didn't have to work last night or today, so he was well-rested and we just hung out. Noah was pretty high-strung. We watched Amazing Grace. I thought it was good from what I caught of it. Trying to watch a movie like that with a toddler running around and jumping on you and poking your eye saying "eye" makes focusing a little difficult. I think I got the gist though.

Now I am catching the end of a Lifetime Christmas movie that I started but didn't get to finish a few days ago. I can hear Dave pulling in so I had better sign off.

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