Saturday, December 8, 2007

If you have read the previous posts...let me fill you in:

Dave got called into an emergency C-section right as he was ready to walk out the door. I forgot my own underwear (but managed to bring Dave 3 extra shirts, 2 pairs of underwear and socks for him...just in case.)

Dave did the C-section in 25 minutes, only putting us about an hour behind. It worked out since I decided to pack the car by myself, pick up the pics we needed at Walmart and get gas after he called with the news to save time later. The snow didn't really hit until we were about 30 minutes out so it worked out just fine.

As for underwear, Dave graciously offered to go to Walmart for me to pick me up a pair when I found out that I had packed everything but.

Our visit was lovely. Kaitlyn is beautiful and very low-key. She is SO tiny. I had forgotten what it was like to have a newborn around! We got to see Mike just for a little bit on Thursday evening. He had to get up and leave by 4:30am to get to work the next morning! We did Christmas that night...Noah got a really cool play cordless drill. He spent most of the night drilling in his mouth and ear. The next day, Tyler monopolized the drill for most of the day he liked it so much (Thankfully, he is ALSO getting one for Christmas). Dave and Mike both got new tools, and Laura and I both got Clinique make-up from one another. It was a very nice (early) Christmas.

Of course, Noah and Tyler both slept in super late yesterday since I got up early because I thought they had already roused. Now that we are back home and had a late night, Noah was usual...Someday he'll get the concept that Saturdays are meant to sleep in...For now, we have on some cartoons and he is terrorizing his toys, while I am slowly waking up.

Gotta get started on the large laundry pile that I have from whenever we come back from traveling. But other than that, our plans are minimal for the day. Have an awesome Saturday!

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