Thursday, December 13, 2007

A good day

Yesterday, both Dave and I declared we had good days. It started with me being able to sleep in, while Dave got up with Noah. I woke up to him in the kitchen making both Chili and cookies. (It was a really cute picture). He then played with Noah while I went to have my root canal finished (the only low-point in the day...but I got caught up on my People magazine while I was there).

Afterwards, we went to Lillian's 3rd birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. It was a lot of fun. Dave had a blast (as did Noah) playing with all the games. We got Lillie a vet kit...and fortunately she really liked it. Dave thought to promote her love of animals. Someday she'll be working in the clinics with him. :-) By the time we got home, Noah was ready for nap. I used the time to continue working on our christmas cards (by work I mean I am still writing the letter because Dave's section keeps changing, and trying to find a picture for the front of the card...we're not even to the sending out part yet). Dave tore apart the van and changed the rear brakes. I ran to Auto Zone for him (which apparently won me some pretty nice wife points). It didn't take him long to do and there were no other hiccups in the process (it usually ends up being a really long project because something else goes inevitably wrong...but not yesterday). He felt really good about finishing that project since it had been on the books for awhile. He then came in and helped me finish cleaning the house. He was having some guys over to the house, while I went with some ladies to see the movie Enchanted.

He also got the final phone call about all the job stuff that solidified his he is at peace now and so am I with where we are at. As soon as I get permission from Dave, I will probably post another blog about it, explaining. But, in the meantime, thanks for your prayers...We really felt them in the last few days as the decision making process was at its peak.

Guys/girls night was a lot of fun. It ended up being just friends from lifegroup that joined in the fun. Dave had William, Gabe, and Frank over to do guy things (eat chili and drink beer) while I hung out with Jonell, Jess, and Sheena (Frank's fiance) at the movie. Yes, Enchanted is cheesy, but pretty amusing as it makes a lot of fun of typical Disney movies. They're right in saying its a good family movie. It has some of my fav characters in there as well: Susan Sarandon plays the wicked witch, Idena Menzel plays the "other" woman, and of course there is McDreamy. :-)

When I got home, Dave and I spent a good hour just talking through his decision and about the day in general. This job dilemma has really allowed us to talk a lot more lately, which has been nice. So, last night we just chatted for awhile and both declared that we had had really nice days.

Today...he is at Thorntown this morning. Noah and I are going to finish up the last of the Christmas shopping and pick up Dave's drycleaning. Then, Ben Champoux and Zach Miller (friends from church who are both really good with Noah) are coming over to watch Noah while Dave and I head out on a date. I'm really looking forward to it. It should be another good day.


the rockstar said...

Thanks for the update!

I really liked the movie. As you may have guessed from my laughing down the row... :)

Tiffany said...

I didn't know Idina was in it! She's my favorite! I'd love to see her on broadway sometime!!