Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dave Job Update

I forgot that I intended to write an update on Dave's job situation. Well, about a month ago, Dave was approached by another clinic offering him a job at what would be a "regular" practice and not emergency. He would work 4 (long) days a week and have one day off during the week and work every other Saturday until 1. Well, at that point Dave was seeking a change of some point. He has been working both Thorntown and the Emergency Clinic to make ends meet. This clinic offered to match the pay that he is making at both jobs to work 40 hours instead of 55-60/week. Needless to say it was very enticing. However, Dave also wanted to be sure that he didn't leave the emergency clinic in a lurch.

When Dave finally broke the news to the share holders at the Animal Emergency Clinic (AEC) that he was most likely going to take this job, they quickly matched the other clinic's offer and added just a little bit to keep him to stay. Enter in my pleas for prayer. Now, he had two really great offers sitting in front of him and had to choose which job he wanted. Again, a good dilemma, but a dilemma non-the-less. After further talking with the Emergency Clinic (AEC) and realizing that his leaving would almost inevitably force the AEC to close its doors (they have already lost 2 other doctor's this year and Dave is practically running the clinic at this point) and since they were able to give him enough of a raise to eventually quit Thorntown, he has opted to stay with them for the time being.

Reason's why:
1) He only has to work 3 shifts a week...with not having to go into Thorntown, he will be home much more, getting the rest he needs in between shifts and time with us, especially as the new baby enters into the picture
2) Apparently, other clinics have shown interest in him, but have passed him up for the time being so as not to put the AEC in a lurch. In another 2 years or so when Dave is ready to go into regular practice, he will send out a notice to the other clinics that he is interested in and have a potentially better choice of where he wants to work long-term.
3) If he quits, and the the AEC closes, he will then have to take on on-call hours at whatever clinic he would work at. This screws him and all the other veterinarians in town. Although it was an awful burden on him to be the "fall" guy since the other two doctors left first, he felt that at this time leaving would not be in anyone's best interest.
4) We know that eventually Dave wants to be in a "regular" practice. The timing though was not until the kids were ready to enter school. Right now, he gets to be home a lot more with Noah and is very much a part of his life due to his hours at the AEC. When the new baby comes, I will need the most help during the day with 2 kiddos. Although I am sure I would have managed fine on my own, it's nice knowing that Dave will be around to help out. And, for days like yesterday, when we spur-of-the-moment decided to go to Faith Baptist and work out and swim at 10am in the morning it's nice having him around.

I realize that Dave's job at the AEC, although it has some funky hours and he does miss out on some night-time activities, is really a god-send. There are not many families that get their husband/dad home the majority of the day throughout the week. For that, we are very thankful.

And for what it's worth...I'm really proud of Dave. He has shown himself to be a man of integrity in the work force causing other clinics to notice him for his capabilities and his work ethic. He has the respect of a lot of other clinicians in town (based on the responses we have heard through this whole process). Most of the technicians that he works with also work with other clinics and have (as far as we know) all speak highly of Dave...thus leading to the one offer and the interest from some of these other clinics. Yes, I'm bragging...I know, but I am proud of who Dave is and all that he accomplished only being out of school for a little less than 2 years.

At the end of the day, God heard our prayers seeking for a solution to Dave's hectic work hours and his being constantly run-down. They are close to hiring two more doctors at the AEC, which will give him a much needed rest (going back to the 4th week being on call, but having no scheduled shifts) and with his raise at AEC meeting our needs, he is planning on leaving Thorntown at around the time the baby is born. He will give them 3 months to get transitioned, but his plan is to be completely done by the time that the new baby enters the picture. He has really enjoyed his time there, but in essence, he was working himself out of a job there anyway...making enough business so that they could hire someone full-time. So, we have seen the hand of God working through this whole situation. Dave and I have grown closer as we have talked at length about the different possibilities and what was best, and praying together. Looking back, I see God moving through it all. Thanks God for always providing for our needs and knowing when we've had "enough". Your grace is truly sufficient.


the rockstar said...

Thanks for the job update! I was wondering how it all turned out...

Kelsey said...

Sounds like you made a good decision! I'm glad you have peace about it. God is good! :)

Ann said...

Woo hoo, God! Glad everything has worked its way out. That is so awesome that Dave can be home with you guys during the day...