Thursday, November 1, 2007


Noah was doing better today, although still required 2 naps as opposed to his normal one per day. By this evening though, his temperature was starting to rise again. I gave him some more medicine and put him to bed early as he was a little beside himself.

I watched Caed during the day...both he and Noah slept the entire time. Noah in his bed, and Caed on me. It was fairly easy babysitting.

Kelsey came over a little later and brought Olive Garden soup for lunch. We had a really good chat and a good time of prayer. It's interesting how God uses events in our lives to relate us with other people. That's what it was like with Kelsey a good way. It brought out some really cool biblical discussions...especially about main man these days.

Afterwards, Dave got home from playing frisbee golf with Dan. He played with Noah for awhile and we watched, "Reign over me". Good movie...but deep.

That's essentially my day. No big news. Tomorrow we head to the Fall Conference through church. I am really excited and anticipating God to work in cool ways there. It's going to be awesome!


Kelsey said...

You are awesome. :) Thanks for letting me share your life. Thanks for the chat, too--it was great. Hope Noah feels better soon--he was so polite and attentive today!

Kelsey said...

p.s. I am excited to hear about what happens at the fall conference!