Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fall Conference

Fall Conference was great. There was a lot of good teaching, some GREAT times of ministry, and some really good fellowship. I got to talk to people that I know, but never get a chance to connect with much anymore and got to meet and get to know some new people. God really showed up a lot there...and many people received some really great prayer.

Today (Sunday), a friend of mine, Becky W., who was also at the conference called and said, "This is random, but yesterday I really felt that God was telling me to prayer for you this I just wanted to let you know that I will be doing that." It was such an interesting way for God to answer my prayer. If you have read the earlier blogs, you probably know about my Peter moments and also my wrestling with God. I still feel the wrestling, but in a way I almost feel like its a good thing. I feel that at the end of this, that God will reveal himself to me and the questions I have will be answered or at the very least I will have peace about the not knowing. I'm just not there yet. So anyway, I explained this to Becky and was so encouraged to know that God has asked her to intercess for me. Perhaps the end of this wrestling will come soon.

There are lines to a song that say... "There is hold on...there is hope. God has sent me here to tell you...there is hope."

I am holding on to this hope.

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Tiffany said...

"...And He knows just what you're going through and what the future holds. As long as Jesus lives, there is hope." Great song - one that replays in my mind frequently.