Thursday, November 29, 2007

My day (in bullets)

  • Chatted with Sara P. this morning while she was on her way to work.
  • Received phone call from Becky C.: Yes, I can watch Caed for her today while she teaches.
  • Had playdate at my house for 2 hours with my neighbor.
  • Becky dropped off Caed (who slept the entire time minus about 15 minutes at the end).
  • My neighbor left, Noah went down, (picked up, swept/mopped the kitchen floor) Caed woke up around 12:15.
  • Jonelly was having car problems-but I couldn't get to her because I didn't have an extra carseat for Caed.
  • Jonelly's car gets fixed...she offers to come over for a bit.
  • Meanwhile, I am feeding Caed-Jonelly comes over. Chester goes crazy and barks and scares the snot out of poor Caed who cried inconsolably until his mom came home 10 minutes later.
  • Noah wakes up early from his nap from all the hubbub.
  • I got the offer to have lunch with Becky and Jonelly, but I was a little pooped afterwards, so I declined (they were really understanding).
  • Attempts #2 and #3 fail to get Noah back to sleep. I gave up.
  • Did 3 loads of laundry, folded, and put away clothes.
  • Ironed ~10 of Dave's dress shirts.
  • Cooked a well-balanced meal (chicken, noodles, and peas)
  • Ran to Meijer to get more eggs to make cupcakes for tonight.
  • Cupcakes are currently in the oven.
  • Noah is bathed and closing in on bedtime (I hope!)

As an aside...I am normally not this domestic. For instance, I haven't ironed in...well a really long time...and making meals for my picky men is not always fun, so I sometimes get lazy. Today, was just a busy I decided to keep staying busy before I completely crash this evening and give in to my guilty pleasure of watching a little Grey's Anatomy and settling in for some "mommy quiet time".

However, I will currently settle for Wheel of Fortune and a chocolate cupcake to start the evening out. :-)

All in all, it was a good day.


the rockstar said...

Thanks for that. I laughed. It was good. :)

Ann said...

Sounds busy! I love those days...