Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sleepers and the Sleepless

Yesterday was a good day. I met with Leah in the morning and Abby in the afternoon. Both were really great conversations and times to bond. Noah didn't make it very well at Abby's. When we left at 5, he fell asleep in the car...and well...pretty much slept through until this morning. I tried waking him up last night around 6:30, but he was just not having it. I finally gave up and put him in his jammies and tucked him back in. I was worried that he would wake up super early to start the day. 6am is fairly early for our family, but, since I had had such a poor night of sleep myself, I decided to just get up with him.
My night consisted of being exhausted by 8 and falling asleep by 9pm. Apparently daylight savings is effecting us all in various ways. Noah coughed in the middle of the night and woke me up from a very intense dream with Booth and Brennan (from Bones) trying to solve a murder mystery having to do with a boating accident. It was very vivid. That was about 1. After that, I didn't fall back asleep until 3:45. My dreams then consisted of a Russian or Jewish (it got blurred in my sleep) concentration camp that was apparently in my house. I remember the kids pouring out of a bus and coming in. My heart was breaking. However, the woman in charge was a Christian and purposefully brought the kids there because she knew that I would be kind and teach them about Jesus and that they wouldn't have to endure any "rough" treatment. It was as almost as if they were hiding in my house from whatever the "enemy" was out there. It was incredibly BIZARRE. It was fitful sleep at best last night. When Noah woke up, I was just laying in bed awake anyway...so here we go. He woke up with a smelly surprise to kick off the day. The poor kid is now downing food like its going out of style since he missed dinner last night due to his sleep-fest.
In other news, I am getting a root canal this afternoon. I have mixed feelings about this. I have had one before, and its not the "funnest" experience I have ever had. But, my tooth is hurting and I know that it's necessary to alleviate the pain...I'm sure there is a spiritual analogy in there somewhere...I just can't wrap my fog-induced brain around it this early...Feel free to extrapolate one if you can.

Have an awesome Tuesday!


Kelsey said...

So, you were in my dream last night. I dreamt that we were going to the same wedding (whose, I don't know) and that we were staying in the same hotel and going to drive over together. You and Dave (sans Noah, wherever he was) came over to see if I was ready, but I hadn't done my hair because I couldn't find my shoes. After tearing my suitcase apart, I decided I must have forgotten them and I needed to run over to the mall adjoining our hotel to buy some new ones. Dave didn't want me to--he was convinced that if I went into a mall, I would be absorbed in shopping and we would miss the wedding. "It'll just take five minutes," I pleaded, to which Dave answered, "Oh, no. I know what five minutes are for a girl who's getting ready. You'll find shoes you like, but then you'll be worried they're the wrong color or too tall or something, and we'll never get out of here." You tried to convince him to run to a ladies' department store and buy the first pair of black heels he saw while you fixed my hair. My alarm woke me up before this dispute was resolved. AS you said, bizarre. Not being ready on time and forgetting an essential item are frequent real-life occurences for me, but usually my dad, brother or sister is in the place of Dave. I appreciated your patience and understanding! ;)

Kim said...

That is SO funny. At least your dream wasn't dark and disturbing...The funnier part is that that sounds EXACTLY like something Dave would say. Weird. :-)

Ann said...

I always had the wierdest pregnancy dreams, but yours takes the cake! I love the murder mystery...and the second might have to do with RVC Kids?]

Sunday morning in the shower I was praying for families with middle and high schoolers to start coming to RVC, and the prayer morphed into praying for revival to sweep through W Laf and Jefferson high schools...interesting how God uses our dreams and prayers!

Melinda said...

So, I called in sick for tomorrow. My first time ever... But this means that you can call me during the day as long as it's not too early. ;) I want to talk about this dream some more.