Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chilly day thoughts

I just woke up from a nap...and on this crazy chilly was awesome. I have been feeling a little under the weather the last few days. Hard to tell if it's pregnancy or something else though. Anyway, Noah too has been napping for awhile...I wonder if he isn't feeling a little off himself. We rented a few movies that I would love to curl up and watch this afternoon whenever Dave gets home. But, the crazy guy is seriously considering playing frisbee golf in this weather (it's around 39 degrees here).

This kind of weather makes me want to put up the Christmas tree, string some lights, and drink hot chocolate. I am so ready for the Christmas season this year! For years, I worked retail...and hated the Christmas holidays. But in the last few years, my heart has softened and I love so much about it. Perhaps too, I am maturing in realizing the reason for the season. I want to find some cool family traditions to start with Noah to help him understand the true meaning of Christmas. Ideas for the table anyone?

So, now I am just waking up and waiting for Dave to call and let me know his plans. I still might make some hot chocolate and stare at the place where my tree will soon sit (day after thanksgiving baby!)

I am 20 weeks along pregnancy wise...for those that don't see me often, I will try to get a belly shot posted soon. The baby moves often every day. I am getting excited...especially after hearing about Kaitlyn Marie. I am also smart enough to sleep as often as I can right now...because adding the second one will surely be an adjustment for awhile.

OK, clearly my tiredness is directing my rambled musings. Off to go check the mail and get on with my day.


Kelsey said...

One of my favorite family traditions is going to a lot to pick out a Christmas tree. I still look forward to it. Also, my family had an advent wreath, and every week we would light a new candle and read a short story about what that particular candle meant (promise, hope, light, love). This one might actually work with someone Noah's age: we had one of those calendars where you open doors for each day. We had a Jesus one with a picture of the Nativity and a Bible verse for each day. Noah might like opening the doors. Clearly, these traditions meant a lot to me and I still treasure them! Good luck getting it going with Noah!

Kelsey said...

p.s. By "lot", I meant "farm"--where the tree is actually still growing out of the ground, not a Kroger parking lot or something

Ann said...

We also did an advent wreath, and lit it every day when I was growing up--I think I'm waiting until they're both in school to attempt candles :)

Last year we did a chain link calendar with an advent related bible verse on each link...they were a little young to "get it" but it was good for me.

We have a Fisher Price Little People Nativity set which we get out every year--we also read a Baby Jesus story during bedtime stories.

Isn't it cool being pregnant at Christmas time? I felt an allegiance with Mary both times, even though with Henry I was barely preggo :)

Tiffany said...

Jon's Dad always reads the Nativity story on Christmas morning before any presents are opened. I've come to enjoy this. I don't have kids yet, so I don't really have any advice - but the other girls had great things to add! This year, Jon and my first real Christmas together, we are going to a farm to chop down a tree (on Thanksgiving) - and before Thanksgiving dinner, we are going to exchange Christmas ornaments. They can't just be any ornaments, either. They are supposed to reflect each other's personalities. I can't wait to have kids so that Jon and I can pick them out for our children! - Think about it: we always get ornaments on Christmas- right when the tree's about to come down! So, these are our new traditions. Wow, this is long.