Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wild Child

For the last hour, Noah has literally been running around our house at full speed. He did about 10 or so laps around the chairs in our living room, chased the dog for awhile, splashed about half of his bath water out of his bath, sprayed lotion everywhere, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

I finally went back to Kohls today and tried to use my Kohl's bucks. I had to take some stuff back too...well I took the stuff back first. In doing so, I negated over half of my bucks back...It was incredibly sad. So, the NB shoes that I ended up buying were $20 instead of free (still a good deal though).

On the bright side, Dave and Noah ran to Meijer for me (yea!) and cleaned up after dinner. That was a nice treat.

I went to the doctor again today. Everything is looking good. The baby has been really squirmy and kicking a lot lately. Today was no different. My doctor told me that at our next appt. she will do a quick ultrasound to check the status of gender. YEA! Our appointment is scheduled on Dec. 24 at 10:00am. So, we'll see if we get the gift of finding out. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, in case it doesn't actually happen...or junior is stubborn again. However, its nice to know that she is so willing to do it (and not sock on extra charges). Dave and I want to do something nice for her for Christmas...any ideas? The other good news that she told me is that I can take the sleep-aid, Unisom. Now, I really don't want to over-use this...but taking 2 hours to fall asleep and having restless leg syndrome (according to the MD) as well as waking up every 45 min-hour all through the night...I'm tired, and long for a good nights sleep. Especially knowing that once the kiddo comes, sleep will be non-existent anyway.

Dave put some outside lights on today. He hung icicle lights along the line of the roof. It looks fabulous! We also finally got the stockings hung and the last of the inside decorations taken care of. I LOVE IT! It's so homey looking. I love this time of the year. :-)

So, now I need to take the wind out of Noah's sails and start readying (sp?) him for bed. I'm hoping that eventually, he will sleep really well tonight. Here's hoping.

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Ann said...

My kids were crazy tonight too--we ended up playing outside in the dark! Of course it was only 6:30, but still...they were completely wacko!

Cool on the US, no great ideas on OB gifts...