Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm the dork that posts Melodic Monday on a Tuesday. I have no concept of days this week. It's been a strange start to the week. With Noah being sick, we haven't gotten out much. His temp was down (but still present) yesterday. He whined basically the whole day and slept a lot still. Poor buddy. It made for a long day...for both of us.
Thankfully, Summer and Halie came over in the evening to help break up the day and give me some adult company.

Both Dave and I are experiencing some depressing days. Dave is tired and can't catch up with sleep...He's being overworked at the clinic and is trying to juggle too many things. Along with technicians leaving and having none of them wanting to cover their holiday shifts...he is feeling the stress. Mine is just being home with a sick kid, trying to work out my spiritual issues, and finding my joy again. It's been an interesting few days. Tomorrow, we are hoping to go see a movie together and have some "date" time. I am really really looking forward to it.

Ann called last night and we had a good chat. She listened and prayed for me, which was much needed. Melinda and I are also going to try and meet next week to talk and pray. It's time. I'm ready for something to give.

I ended up cancelling lifegroup tonight. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, people getting sick, work schedules, etc. It just seemed like everyone had a lot on their plates. For those who were planning on coming, they can now have a night off to relax. Noah is still not feeling 100% so it would have been hard to take him to childcare as well.

Dave is off meeting with Tony now, but I am hoping when he comes back that I can maybe sneak off and get my haircut...by myself. It would be wonderful. We'll see if it happens though. He hasn't had much sleep and seems to be pretty tired right now. He may come back home and crash for the rest of the afternoon.

This is kind of a rambly blog...sorry about that.

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