Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yesterday was definitely an interesting day. I met with Tony at Starbucks in the afternoon. The difference between guy/girl meeting and girl/girl meetings: We discussed EVERYTHING that was on my mind, then some stuff about the church, then some other stuff that was also really good...and still were done in an hour. I can't make that happen when I talk with other women. :-) We always end up digressing, coming back, yelling at children, reconvening, cleaning up a spill, back to conversation, etc. Perhaps it wasn't the talking to a guy as much as it was I was child-free for an hour and the distractions were minimal. Anyway, I left feeling like I had a little bit more sense of direction and that I am on the right track.

I came home to find out that our friends, Ryan and Becky's basement flooded...with a lot of fairly expensive band equipment down there as well as leaving a BIG mess. I ran over a few fans and to survey the damage. That kind of thing just stinks all the way around. But, they are both handling it much better than I think I would, so kudos to them.

I ran and got some pizza, since at this point, I didn't really have time to make dinner (oh darn) before Dave had to leave for the BIG annual homeowner's association meeting, which he is/was the president of...and I had to leave for lifegroup. Dave, for the last year, has been the president of our neighborhood homeowner's association. It's pretty much a no glory position...dealing with a lot of complaints...most of which he could do nothing about...etc. Well, he presented last night at the annual meeting and facilitated it.

Meanwhile, I ran was such a strange night there last night. We were all a little off and goofy. It's nice though that our group is comfortable enough to laugh together. Our group ended the earliest it has ever, so I (like the good leader that I am) shot out of there as fast as I could to catch the end of Dave's meeting.

When I got there, he beamed me a great smile that made the whole trip worth it and I got to watch proudly as he fielded questions and kept the meeting going forward...not an easy task when you have a lot of hot-headed people in a room who all want their issues addressed, but don't want to handle it themselves. (Pretty impressive run-on sentence too) I was really proud of him. He still put himself on the board for next year...but he has vowed that he won't be the president. We'll see what happens. There are at least 8 board members as opposed to last years four.

So, it was a crazy night, but it all turned out OK. Dave worked last night after all this hoop-la, so is now snoozing away the morning catching up on some zzzzz's. Noah is dressed...I am still in my pajamas. At least one of us is ready to start the day.

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