Sunday, November 18, 2007

Down for the Count

The wedding yesterday was lovely. It had some Irish themes to it complete with a bag piper and Irish dancers at the reception. Dave and I still made it an early night...I just feel old sometimes. We were home by 10pm. Oh well.

Noah woke up this morning running a 101 degree fever. It was enough that he just laid on me right off the bat and not knowing the source, I decided not to bring him to church today. His nose is really running and he has a bad cough as well. I am doubting its a teething fever. My parents stayed with me for part of the morning, but as soon as they left...Noah fell asleep. That was at 10:45am. It is now 1:40pm, and although he has woken up twice, he can't seem to get out of bed. The first time he woke up, he cried so I went to get him and he had fallen asleep again in an awkward position. So, I rearranged him and he slept for another 30 min. He just woke up a few minutes ago, but when I went to carry him from the bed, he demanded to be put down down and went screaming back to his bed. So, I just laid him back down again and he is passed out again. The poor dude. He is clearly not feeling well. Any good parenting advice for the day? I am letting him sleep as long as he needs it. I figure his little body is a better indicator of what he needs then his "I'm not sure what's wrong with him" mom.
It was an interesting morning. I truly can't remember the last time I missed services at RVC...I think it might have been February when we attended a wedding out of town. But, here I was taking a nap with my son at 11am this morning, right as the second service was about to begin. I admit, it was kind of weird...but given Noah's state...I think I made the best decision. I'm sure Summer appreciates me not bringing my sick kid to the breeding grounds. :-)

So, if you need me, I'll be camped out in my pajama's cuddling a sick little imp and watching movies on the tube.


Ann said...

Sleep sounds like a good answer to me! I hope he feels better soon, and you don't get it...and that he sleeps tonight!

Mindy said...

I really hope the little guy starts feeling better! Maybe you can even catch a few zzz's...

Amanda said...


I finally started a google blog of my own:

Anyway, I love reading about your days and everything, even if I don't say much. It makes me feel like I keep in touch. :)