Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Prayer

Today started with me actually getting up before Noah. I ate breakfast and showered...all by myself without anyone opening the bathroom door and visiting me while showering leaving the bathroom cold, or even opening the shower curtain to just say hi. It was like being at a spa. So this is what it feels like to shower by oneself.

Dave came home from his overnight shift...we chatted for a few minutes. After Noah woke up, he started carrying around the book that Dave had made for of course Dave had to read it to him before heading to bed.

Now, I am just finishing getting ready for the day and will maybe start picking up (what I do every hour of every day it feels like). I am going through a faze where I hate clutter. Eventually, the futility of this faze will hit and I will sit in clutter and kids toys once again. But, for the immediate future I am determined to stay on top of it.

Heather Martin will be coming over for lunch around 11ish. Then I head for Champaign this afternoon to meet with my friend Melinda for some intense prayer time concerning my spiritual well-being the last month or so. It's time for this to reach some sort of head. So, if you're thinking of me this afternoon (and why wouldn't you be? :-) ) Say a prayer that God really meets Melinda and I in a powerful way tonight. Pray that I am willing to "go the distance" to fully submitting myself to God again...for I feel that is part of the key. I'm tired of swimming in the muck and need some fresh faith in my life.

Thanks my blogging friends. I appreciate it!


Kelsey said...

I will say a prayer for you right now. :)

Mindy said...

I hope praying with Melinda is great! I love going through the cleaning phases, even if it's exhausting and futile, it's great to see it clean for a minute.

Ann said...

I read this yesterday and was praying for your time together...I hope it was the breakthrough you were looking for!