Saturday, June 30, 2007


This morning we hit the neighborhood garage sale in the subdivision across from us. We were pretty successful. I got Noah a giant tent/tunnel thing that can fold up in a little bag (it's really quite amazing if you can remember how to do it) for $5...and a small little tikes basketball hoop for $4...and some other little things. It was, as always, fun to get out and hunt for treasure!

Later, Noah and I headed to Indy to see my step-sister and her family and my stepmom's sister. (We are all pretty close and like to visit when the opportunity arises). Noah's cousins who are 6 and 4 kept him entertained through the day and he loved playing with them (and their fun toys). After dinner, my dad came back with me, while Kat stayed there...they ran out of space for my dad. He and I are hanging out tonight and Kat will swing by to get him on her way home tomorrow.

It was a good, but busy day. Off to rest for tomorrow! Peace!

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Mindy said...

You really are the garage sale queen! I totally know what those tent/tunnel things are, they are so much fun! Glad you could visit family and Noah could have some fun kid time!