Monday, June 11, 2007

The Ultimate Father

Parenting has given me a deeper glimpse into the character of God:

1) Discipline is HARD...but necessary. I don't love giving Noah consequences for his actions...but I know that in the long run that he will be better for it. I want him to grow up doing the right thing and staying away from danger. Isn't that how God loves us? Sometimes we have consequences for the sins in our life...I know that when I am deeply humbled about my sin...I change...but often not until that point.

2) God wants good things for us. Dave and I hit the garage sales last weekend and ended up with 3 new toys for Noah. We struggle with buying things for ourselves at times, but never blink when it comes to blessing our kid. We love doing nice things for him and making him smile. I think that is how God views us...He wants to give us good things...He enjoys blessing us and making us smile.

3) God's love knows no bounds. I would do anything for my kid...I can honestly say...I would give my life for him. I love him that much. Even when I am frustrated with him...I love him. And if my love, which is imperfect, is that strong...I can't even imagine the Father's love for us.

Doing what is best, but not always cool or popular for our kids is always going to be an uphill least for me. However, I strongly believe that part of my ministry right now is raising a kid to love Jesus and to understand the kingdom and how he fits into it. We are a part of the body...and as part, we get to experience the fruitful blessings that God has for us, as well as the refining process of a Father who really DOES know what is best.

Lord, thank you for being the ultimate Father...and for continually revealing your character so that we can see you more clearly.


Ann said...

Isn't it amazing how much we learn about God through our kids? They've been a blessing in more than a few ways, that's for sure.

Mindy said...

I love that we can't even fathom the love that the Father has for us. Sometimes I wish we could know and understand it fully, but that would take away from how amazing it is. I love all the lessons that kids can teach.