Friday, June 29, 2007


So, I went swimming at the Community Center this morning. I went earlier this week and decided to go back today. I only swam a 500 (20 lengths of the pool)...and that was a stretch. In my glory swim team days, I could easily knock out 3000-5000 yds a workout. Those days are gone. However, in time I hope to slowly ease back into at least maybe 2000 yards. The facility is very nice and I like doing it first thing in the morning because it starts my day off right. Swimming is great because I get a full body workout without putting too much strain on my joints. :-)

Now, Noah and I are headed to the RVC office to pray for our friend Dan Griffen's older brother who has a potentially cancerous tumor (please pray for him!) and then off to meet my friend Jen at Olive Garden for a silent lunch (signing only).

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Ann said...

My dad is a swimmer. It's definitely theraputic! Do they have swimming lessons for Noah (and you together?)