Friday, June 15, 2007


Dave and I have just spent the morning purging the guest bedroom. We had accumlated so much stuff and just shoved things there. Much of it was junk that we just didn't need to hold onto anymore. The sense of relief and "ahhh" feeling that came over me when I pulled the garbage bags out to the garage was great. We drove 4 bags worth of stuff to Goodwill and it was liberating...really.

It made me start thinking about the junk that we have inside and have not been willing to let go of. Sin, past hurts, "dead" weight. I am sure that the relief that I felt getting rid of tangible junk is nothing compared to the freedom and relief that comes when we rid our souls of the "junk" that weighs down our lives.

Lord, help us to purge ourselves of the sin and the hurts of the past that hold us back from being all that you would have us to be. Help us to be free from those things so that we can fully experience the good things that you have for us.

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