Friday, June 8, 2007

Life with a one-year old

Noah is walking now...well running actually...and has found that the world is a pretty neat place to explore. He is into EVERYTHING...I have found my shoes in the bathtub, Elmo in another bathroom, coasters heaven knows where. If we don't keep the toilet seat down we hear the "swish swish" of little hands playing. He also has a one-year old attention span...He has a toy and is walking with it...then sees another object and thinks "ooh...shiny" drops previous toy and picks up new one. By toy, I mean anything that is probably not generally thought of as a toy...namely...remotes, cell phones, mommy books, shoes, drinks, camera name it...Noah loves it. As a parent...I love that he is seeking out the world and figuring things out...I really do...But sometimes, I would just like to be able to find both sets of shoes. :-)

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