Saturday, June 9, 2007

Garage Sale King

I have in the past been dubbed the garage sale queen. However I think I need to step down and hand the crown over to my husband. We recently got rid of our old bouncy seat (which was on its way out the door) and decided to look for a new one this year at garage sales for whenever baby #2 comes along. I have had my eye on a baby papasan for awhile the store they are over $50...and we weren't seeing them at garage sales for under $35. We have passed by quite a few bouncers that we just didn't like or were too expensive for what it was.

Anyway, on his way home from work this morning, Dave stopped off at a garage sale and found a working, great condition, papasan for $10! hats off to him for a great find. This is why I love garage sales people...Every once in hit treasure!


Mindy said...

Awesome find! Way to go Dave for finding it. I love garage sales, but the ones on the west side aren't as good, too many college kids.

Ann said...

Awesome job, Dave! What a find!