Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Birthdays, scrapbooking, and muffins

The last two days have been busy, but good. Dave's mom, aunt, and uncle came for a visit yesterday afternoon. Aunt Diane and Uncle Bill hadn't seen Noah since Thanksgiving...He's grown a little since then. It was a nice visit and we got to celebrate Diane's birthday, which is today. Happy Birthday Diane!

Later that night, I went to Sarah's to crop/scrapbook. I know I laugh about this, but I am clearly not a scrapbooker. When gifts and talents were being handed out...I missed the creative scrapbooking one. I'm OK with this. I am interested in many things, but not excessively great at any one thing. Scrapbooking may just not be my bag. Seriously, when I finished, it looked like a 5th grader had done it (and I am being generous here). Then I started looking at my creative friends, and I thought...Gee, I wonder what I could pay them to finish this for me? Anyway, the night was still very pleasant with good "girl" talk and a chance to have some adult time without Noah. Dave was so great about that last night. When I came home, he even rubbed my sore neck...not once...but twice. Yea for great husbands!

This morning, I baked 4 dozen blueberry muffins with the intent to hand some out to the neighbors (before we eat them all...that would be bad). Summer came over and we worked on invitations for Heather's shower and Dave made us his specialty homemade pizza (I may never eat frozen again). It was so good.

I am still trying to read through "Breakthrough" by Derek Morphew for my meeting with Tiffany S. This week, I feel as though I have ADD. Everytime I sit down to read it, I start and my mind is off thinking about a million other things...mostly spiritual thoughts at this point...but not really pertaining to the book or helping me understand what I am reading. I am going to have to tackle it again tonight. Phew...gotta persevere.

So, that's a nutshell.

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