Saturday, June 23, 2007

Great Saturday

This morning, Dave and I opted against the Hiking Trip (Sorry Patrick and Ann!) due to Dave's work schedule the rest of the weekend. We decided to maybe try to pick some blueberries and keep Noah sort of on schedule. We woke up to a rainy morning, which we can't complain about since it is MUCH needed as my brown grass can attest. We hit a few garage sales on the way, then decided that the rain was too much to make blueberry picking fun. We scratched that and came home. After getting home, we found tentative closure with the family issue fron yesterday. We also ate our picnic (that was intentioned for Happy Hollow Park) on a blanket in our living room. It was a lot of fun to be different. However, "Ask this Old House" was on, and both Dave and Noah had "check out" moments where manland beckoned. It was rather amusing. Afterwards, we decided to take a nice family nap. Two blessed hours later we woke up and watched "Miss Potter", which is a cute similar reminder to "Finding Neverland". We enjoyed it. The day has been nothing what we anticipated, but everything we needed. Dave and I have enjoyed just being together and I have enjoyed his help in corralling our very mischievous son. The rain seems to bring out extra helpings of mischief.

We then made a homemade pizza. By we, I mean mostly Dave, while I folded and put away laundry. Then Dave and Noah tried dodging rain drops to go on a short bike ride...short was the operative word. We are now just relaxing. Dave is reading a magazine, Noah is running around (he doesn't really "relax") and I am getting ready to print off Sunday School stuff for tomorrow.

It's been a decidedly great Saturday...and I couldn't have asked for better.

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Ann said...

Glad you had a great day! We had a good time on the hike :)