Friday, June 22, 2007

Hard Day/Good Evening

It has been somewhat of a hard day today. It's that time of the month. That in itself is depressing. I dealt with a very hard situation with a family member who has the potential to cause great harm to my family...and in setting appropriate boundaries, it became messy...but necessary to protect my family...especially my son. The after effects came in the mail today in the form of a hurtful barb (aimed at me) embedded in a letter to Noah. As a mom, I am determined that Noah not feel the pain that I have from this person...and I will do anything in my power to protect him from that kind of pain. Though sometimes, the cost is considerable. Anyway, the whole experience left me vulnerable and depressed.

Until Dave came home. He brought me Chik-fil-A to help cheer me up (God help me for being a comfort eater). He, Noah, and I took a nice long walk where we were just able to talk and connect. When we got home, Noah got to play in the pool...thus the picture. When I see such joy from my son, I know that its all worth it. Everything...even the hardships. That smile is a reminder of all that God has blessed me with. So, the evening has really picked up. I think soon we are going to have more friends stop by.
God, thank you for restoring my joy and giving me an amazing family. Protect Noah, Jesus, even when I can't.


the rockstar said...

I can read between the lines on this one. I am sorry. I will give you a "real hug" on Sunday. :)

Ann said...

(((Hugs))) Glad Dave knows you well enought to be able to know what you "need"!

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