Saturday, June 16, 2007

Crisis Averted

Thanks to my great neighbor, Kandi, who did some smooth talking...I have decided to post-pone the Potluck in the Park to the early fall (as opposed to the July 14 date that was looming rather fast). This is brilliant for many reasons...1) my mental sanity 2) It can be mentioned in the newsletter for our neighborhood 3) more time and energy to plan 4) cooler weather and less people vacationing.

Phew! I feel a little better now (but still ashamed that I missed the meeting last night).

Thank you Jesus for friends who talk sense into us!


Mindy said...

Take some deep breaths. Sounds like you're stressed out! I'm glad that you're giving yourself more time to plan the potluck, you have more time to delegate stuff to the neighbors that way. Plus in the fall it won't be a contest of who can sweat the most.

Ann said...

Good for you! This fall sounds like a better plan for lots of reasons. What do you think about moving the hiking trip from next weekend to the fall :) J/K :)