Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where to start?

On Sunday, we traveled to Martinton to celebrate Noah's cousin, Tyler's 2nd birthday. It was good to see the family again for a few hours. Tyler received lots of fun things. Poor kid just wanted to play with the toy he opened, but was forced to open more presents. It's funny how a child's mind works. Noah enjoyed being out on a farm and playing on tractors and with dogs. He also thoroughly enjoyed the cake...making a gynormous mess.

Yesterday, I went to my lifegroup coaching meeting. It was really good and I received some good prayer. Thanks to Summer for watching the munchkin last night while Dave and I were both at various meetings (his was homeowners).
Today, Dave took Noah to the clinic while he did orders, which allowed me to clean my house in peace. We are doing childcare here tonight for lifegroup...so we will see how it goes. I then watched the movie, "The Ex". I, personally, thought it was hilarious! There were so many things that Dave and I could totally relate to that made the whole thing really funny to me. In other news, Noah is cutting his two top incisors...and is not really happy about it. He has been pretty clingy and whiny the last two days. Poor kiddo.
Writing an update blog after this many days is hard because I inevitably forget something truly interesting, but fill it in with chatter that is well...not as much. :-) At least there are pictures though.

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Ann said...

Looks like Noah loved the farm!! What fun to have a cousin close in age (and geographically).