Thursday, October 4, 2007

Early morning crabbies

I am a little cranky this morning. Noah woke up too early and since he can now get out and wake ME up, I can't let him cry it out in his crib any longer. I went back in to lay him down in hopes that he might at least try to fall back asleep. I then leap for my bed in the last precious minutes I know that I will get there when I hear the cat meowling outside the window...Noah's window. The cat got out last night (3 different times) and apparently didn't want to come in before I went to bed...oh, but he wanted to come in this morning, and told Noah all about it. Of course, Noah, who loves his cat, is sitting up in bed WIDE awake looking for his kitty. I run, open the big door and let the cat in. By the time I get back, Noah is out of bed again and ready to start the day...NOOOOOOO! I don't love mornings right now. I have morning sickness pretty bad and mornings seem to be the worst. Getting up, taking care of the dog, the kid, getting breakfast for everyone, letting the stupid cat in, and trying not to throw up all in a 5 minute period generally makes a rough start to my day...mostly because I can rarely avoid the last item. Tomorrow, is my birthday, and I am debating asking Dave to forgo a gift and just let me get up on my own in the morning without the breakfast posse looking over at me in bed. Just to get up slowly, maybe eat some crackers, and ease myself into the day. That...would be a wonderful present!

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Ann said...

You know you're a mom when what you want for your birthday is to sleep in! It does sound like it was a rough one--I hope tomorrow is much better!