Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So, on Sunday, during my life-analysis of where I was truly at, I made a bold request of God. I asked Him to show me that He still does miracles. I'm a little blown away by His response. In many ways, I am sure that I was just not looking...but here are some of the things that I have heard people tell me since Monday:

  • My dad had a stroke many years ago. Because my grandma is having a series of things with her brain go wrong (and is getting testing) it reminded me of my dad's experience. I called him and we got to talking about the day that he had his stroke. What I didn't realize then was the gravity of his situation. According to the doctors, where it was and how it occurred should have killed him immediately. However, he has no significant lasting effects at all. No paralysis, no vision loss, no death. In talking with him yesterday, I was struck by the miracle that it was and that my dad is still here with me today. He was able to walk me down the aisle and has been able to see his grandchildren. Thanks God for saving my dad.
  • Friends in our lifegroup relayed a story about going on vacation and before leaving, receiving an unexpected $900 check from his boss! It get's better. When they got back, he found out that his boss had paid him for a full 40 hours despite the fact that he had been on vacation for all but one day of that week. God is SO cool.
  • I have a baby that is kicking me in the stomach. :-) The miracle of new life is one that should never be overlooked.
  • Smaller ones are the life lessons that people are learning. I was talking to my friend Halie, and we had a great discussion about all that God is teaching us right now in our lives and how, often, in our weaknesses...God can do the most good. I also had a similar God-filled conversation with my friend Melinda. Being able to have those conversations are testimony to God's goodness.
  • My sister's purse was stolen the other day...and it was found completely recovered...nothing missing (she had already cancelled her credit cards, which was wise, but still...).

I'm sure I can keep adding on....but this is what God has revealed of Himself this week. Looking back at the song we sang on Sunday, "I answered"...I have a different response to that now. God DID answer and He is faithful even to assure our niggling doubts.

Lord, you didn't have to prove yourself to me...but you did. Thank you for reminding me of who you are and how much you really DO in our lives. Forgive my unbelief. Help me to always keep my eyes open to see how you are moving.


Kelsey said...

YAY God!
We missed you tonight--hope you had a great night with your kiddo!

Ann said...

Isn't cool that when you look for God, you find Him? Too cool on all the miracles around (and in!) you!