Saturday, October 6, 2007

Birthday Fun

Yesterday marked the beginning of my 25th year. I am now one quarter of a century old. :-) The day started with Dave getting up with Noah and making me breakfast. I wasn't exactly able to sleep in since we had to leave for Curtis Orchard, but it was still nice to not have to let the dog out and get the kid settled. It was also really cute when Noah came into our room carrying my present(s). He even helped me open it. Noah and Dave got me a thinline NLT bible with my married name engraved on it (almost 4 years of marriage and I still was carrying around the one with "Kerr" on it). They also got me a pink Colt's sweatshirt so that I could join the Colt's club. :-)

We then headed to Summer's and all caravaned over to Champaign to go to Curtis Orchard, which is a really neat pumpkin patch. It was nice to chat with Summer on the way there and back...we don't often get a lot of time to really chat without reprimanding kids or having to hang up due to a kid it was nice. Curtis Orchard was a lot of fun, albeit hotter than we anticipated. Summer, Becky, Haley Shurr, and Sarah R. all went (with children of course). We met up with Melinda for a (brief) minute, but I at least got to see her and hug her...although that almost made it worse since we haven't seen each other in 2 months and a few crazy minutes seemed to mock us...but oh well.

We drove back and all took a little nap, then Dave took us to the Olive Garden for dinner and we came home to a cookie cake (my favorite). It was, all in all, a very nice day.

Thanks to all who sent birthday cards and called to wish Happy honestly meant a lot to me. I have not had real mail in a long time (bills, credit card offers, and magazines...yes, fun So, it was a lot of fun to get birthday mail. :-) They are all displayed with honor on my mantel.

So, here's to another year. Cheers!


the rockstar said...

Hey. I got busy and did not get around to calling you yesterday... Happy birthday!! :)

Tiffany said...

So, two days ago, I thought, I need to remember to send Kim a birthday note. And guess what I forgot to do! Sorry about being so forgetful, but I really am glad your birthday was so nice!