Thursday, October 25, 2007

Can't a guy catch a break?!

Poor Dave. He worked overnight last night (6pm-8am). Only got 2 hours of sleep. From there, he went straight into Thorntown and worked until around 2pm. He came home, visited with us...then we had errands to run before we left for Naperville tomorrow. He had to run to the clinic and the church office. I had to pick up some last minute things, so we rode with him. We got home around 5 and ate dinner. He then laid down on the couch for his first bit of rest for the day. Around 6:15, the phone rings and its the animal emergency clinic. They need him to come in and do an emergency C-section. Why they called him and not one of the shareholders is beyond me, but Dave groggily said that he would go in. So, that's where is at right now...doing a C-section on 2 hours of sleep. I will be SO happy when they can actually hire the correct amount of doctors so that Dave is not always being called to "fill in" (They went from 4 down to 2). It's not fair to him and I can see its also starting to wear him out. He can't take vacation though, because they have no one to cover his's ironicly sad.
Hopefully, he'll get home at a reasonable hour and can get some much needed rest. There are fresh sheets on the bed for him to fall into...and maybe I won't even hit him if he snores. :-)

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Ann said...

Yikes! Only 2 people for a vet hospital? That is a bit much. I hope he gets overtime for things like this!