Thursday, October 11, 2007


I have been fighting a strange battle with Noah. He's been sleeping in his big boy bed for a few weeks now. The first couple of weeks, we would leave the door cracked so that he could get out when he woke up. It started out great, except he then started getting up at 5am and would get up repeatedly even after I put him back down. The other side to this, is he is now quiet when he wakes up...he quietly walks into our room and just stares at us until I get a creepy feeling I am being watched, and wake up. This was beginning to disturb my sleep since I thought every noise was him coming into our room. I was sleeping very badly and waking up to EVERYTHING. Then we started shutting his door all the way. With the monitor on, I can still hear him when he wakes up or is playing with toys rather than sleeping so I can still go in there and resituate him as needed.

Last night, we had Abby and Rocky over for dinner. Noah, first of all fell out of the bathtub and has a nice shiner over his right eye (his left eye is already a little black from heaven's knows what he banged into). He looks like a boxer who was on the bad end of a fight. He is so much faster than I am these days in getting into trouble, I just feel like the clean-up crew...and he is CLIMBING everything.

We put him to bed and turned on the monitor, but didn't hear anything. Well, when Abby and Rocky left, I went into check on him as usual. I couldn't get the door open because there was something blocking it...yep, that would be my son, who was sleeping soundly at the base of the door. He didn't even stir as I transferred him up to his own bed. Silly kid.

What's more is that at 5am this morning, I swore I heard him tapping on the door. So I got up, went in there to see and he was still laying in bed. He of course woke up when I went in there though. I tucked him in, covered him and left. A few minutes later, I swore again that he was now awake because I had just been in there. I go BACK in...and again...he is sound asleep. I have become a paranoid freak...and one that is not getting enough sleep.

Dave thinks we should shut the door all the way, and also turn off the monitor (my downfall because I wake up to the slightest stirring). Noah is good enough that he will play with toys or cry out if he really wants out of his room. I am so tired after doing this for a few weeks, I am ready to say yes to about anything. I can't blame anyone but myself, but something has to give.

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Ann said...

I'm a light sleeper too--time to turn the monitor off :) You'll wake up if he's really into something :)