Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sleepless in Naperville

Truly, our bed was ridiculously comfortable for a hotel bed. There were more pillows on our bed alone than I think we have in our whole house...and fluffier too. No, the problem for me is I have become such a light sleeper. At 11, kids started yelling and running down the hallway. Everytime our neighbor used his faucet or flushed the toilet, it was well...for lack of a better term...loud.
Then there is the mama in me. Noah sleeping in the same room is hard! He is congested and snored and had a couple of coughing fits in the middle of the night. Poor squirt...but I was up every time. I knew when he started stirring, which was about 30 minutes before he actually got up...and I just laid in bed waiting.
We put cartoons on this morning to buy us a little extra snooze time (since he woke up at 6am). I laid in bed a little longer, but could still hear everything. Dave, fortunately was able to sleep an extra 2 hours, which I'm sure he needed after the week he has had.
Now, we're just sitting, relaxing in the hotel room...until the shower festivities start.


Ann said...

I am the SAME way! Even though my kids sleep through, I don't...ugh!

the rockstar said...

You know, I grew up in the Naperville area. I like to think of Plano as a suburb or Naperville. Where are you in Naperville? Street names, perhaps?

Anyway, thanks for the travel updates. It is keeping me entertained! :)