Monday, October 22, 2007

Mandy Monday

Yep, our friend Mandy came over today from Watseka for a visit, hence...Mandy Monday...get it? Yes, I know I'm a dork. Anyway, Mandy grew up with Dave in youth group and I met her when we happened to live on the same floor of our dorm my freshman year. She now has a son, Kinley, who is almost a year old...whom Dave and I have never met. So, anyway, we had a really nice visit. It was good to see her and hang out.

Dave and Noah took off mid-afternoon for some errand running and boy time. I NEVER mind this. They came home with Noah carrying a big bouquet of flowers over to me. It was the cutest thing to see him waddle while trying to carry them. I have great men in my life.

After Mandy left, we ate the pot roast that had been simmering all day...May I just say that I love crock pots. I am tempted to do an entire week of crock pot cooking, just because. You just throw whatever in there and leave it all day...and then magically at 6pm you have dinner. :-)

It was family night tonight as we went and played at the pool at Faith Baptist. We found a (swim) life jacket for Noah at a garage sale...and it completely liberated him. He has always been a water bug, but now he swam "on his own" a little bit and was in hog heaven...whatever that phrase really means. Personally, I am not sure that a hog heaven is really that great...A place where no pigs are slaughtered? I digress.

Anyway, Noah had a great time...and hopefully we have worn him out enough to get some really good sleep. I am heading to the chiropractor tomorrow because my sciatica is really acting up. Yes, I realize I sound like an old women...but its the pregnancy talking. The darn kid is jumping on my sciatic nerve and making my entire left leg and hip hurt...A LOT. My chiropractor is like my crack dealer...he gives me my "fix" and I always feel much better.

P.S.- As we were leaving Faith, we ran into Jonelly who was heading in for her guitar lesson. Noah got to give her a kiss and we got to say hi.

Alright, I'm off to go spend a few minutes with my kiddo before bed time and then to watch Dave watch the Colt's game. :-)


Mindy said...

Family day sounds great, and I love those swim life jackets for little kids. They can learn the scooping hands and kicking feet, which makes my job so much easier!

Ann said...

Sounds like a great day! I have to fire up my crock pot soon...