Friday, October 26, 2007

We're Heeeerrrree!

I am currently sitting in my hotel room in Naperville blogging this entry. Dave, my wonderful husband, paid...yes paid...the fee to get wireless internet to our room. That's the problem when you stay in a nicer hotel I guess. Speaking of nice hotels, we are staying in the a suite. It's a beautiful hotel. We pricelined this hotel for a VERY low number never expecting to get it...but lo and behold, here I sit. We paid less for this hotel room than we have for motels lets just say.'s to the king of husband. Don't know how he did it, but it's a great get-away.

We just finished at IKEA. We managed to come home with only a few more things than what we had planned...which for an IKEA trip, is pretty impressive. Unfortunately, they didn't have the bookshelf I wanted in the beech (maple) color...Instead, Noah got birch. Someone told Dave that mixed woods are in now. I'm not sure if that's true or not, or if he was just using it to appease me. The problem is they said that they carried it, but were out of stock and didn't expect any in for 4-6 weeks. We need a solution to Noah's room sooner than that...and we get to IKEA like once or twice a year...not often. So, birch it is. I'm sure it will look fine.

Soon, we are going to check out the pool and allow Noah to expel some energy after sitting in the car and sitting in a seat at IKEA. He has really enjoyed exploring the room and the new too too. :-)

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Ann said...

We use priceline all the time--check out for prices people have gotten.

Very jealous of the Ikea trip!