Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday- Big winter storm in the morning. By the afternoon however it had pretty much cleared up. We decided to make a quick trip to Watseka to take Dave's parents out to dinner. His dad's birthday was Sunday, but we couldn't get down there on that day. We bought a balloon and sent Noah into the shop carrying the balloon to grandpa. We ate at the Watseka Table, this little diner that they have...I LOVE family restaurants. It was truly one of the best meals I have had in awhile. :-) Happy Birthday Dad Y.!

Saturday-Dave worked all day, leaving me and Noah to fend for ourselves. Not the best day for either of us. He was easily frustrated and my patience levels were already low, but quickly dropped to negative levels. It was one of those days where by the end of it we were both in tears in our separate corners. We made up though by the end of the day (after a few time-outs...for both of us) and the day ended on a positive note.

Sunday- Both Dave and Noah had colds in the morning and were pretty snotty. They opted to stay home while I headed onto church (I needed the adult interaction after Saturday). Church was good. Tony is preaching on money and I find myself being pretty convicted every week about how I view it and to what gains? I find myself re-evaluating how I see money and how we can use what we have to glorify God. Whereas before, I was only thinking about how we could use it to benefit us. Not to say that I still don't think about those things occassionaly, or can't eventually do those things...I just needed to gain some kingdom perspective and realize that we are just stewards of our money...and that ultimately it belongs to Jesus. I was convicted about my attitudes toward was definitely a good sermon.

Afterwards, we had RVCTV. I sat with the college students and actually had a fun time. They're a good group of people. When it came time to pray, I watched them lead out prayers with confidence and effectiveness and I almost cried with joy. All the people at that table had been coming for over a year now, and were all considered leaders. It was neat watching them pray for one another with compassion and authority.

When I got home, Dave and Noah both seemed to be doing better so we decided to make a quick appearance at Frank and Sheena's superbowl party (A lot of people seemed to have already been sick anyway, so I felt a little better about bringing them). River, too, had a runny nose and a cough so that made it a little better. Frank and Sheena have a lovely house and were great hosts. None of us really watched too much of the game, but we all paused conversation for commercials...I found that rather amusing. It was a good time, with good people. We ended up leaving at half-time though just to get the monkey in bed. He was pretty tired.

By last night, I had a case of the sniffles and woke up with a sore throat this morning...blagh.

Leah is scheduled to come over this morning to meet and then I am going to focus the rest of the day on finishing cleaning my house. I got the kitchen looking better last its just a matter of getting the rest of the house picked up and cleaned (and, if I have time...organized).

Have a great day everyone!

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