Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chili and games

Yesterday, we had some of the college guys come over for Chili and Nintendo. Dave spent the afternoon cleaning the (18-year old) original nintendo. Amazingly, after a good cleaning, it worked great! He and Noah did some practice runs. If you notice that Noah's controller is "plugged into" the floor. :-)

Jesse P., Kurt, and Peter all came over. It was really nice to have them because we really got a chance to get to know them all a little better. Sunday mornings are crazy when everyone is running around trying to do stuff. You're lucky if you can even say "hi" to your friends.

Anyway, last night the guys all got into a card game (that I do not know the name for). Noah was Jesse's partner through the process...although I think he stuck around more for the Chex Mix on the table. :-)

Meanwhile, I had American Idol on. When the writer's strike was going on, I pretty much just stopped watching primetime television. I haven't seen any of this season's Idol up to this point, and was only mildly interested. I know, I know...but I seem to be that way with a lot of things. I think I am just done being inside and would rather be doing other things than watching television or (gulp) even reading. Both of those things have been pretty bland for me lately. Spring...come soon please!

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