Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday- Live blog

6:00am- Noah wakes up after going to bed late (9:30pm). I go in to remind him it is still "night night".

6:20am- Repeat process

6:40am- Repeat process

7:05am- Allow him to get up for the day. (For the record...I am really just wanting him to not get on a 6am wake up schedule 5 weeks before I am to have this baby.) Anytime after 7am is fine.

7:10am- Let dog out, get Noah's milk, start breakfast, lose patience, empty dishwasher, turn on computer.

7:55am- start my quiet time away from dogs, kids, and everyone else. This was perhaps the best part of my morning as I had already lost my cool 3 times before 7:30am. I prayed through the fruits of the spirit and really connected with Jesus. This is good.

8:30- play "play do" with Noah, send out emails, check blogs, upload pictures from yesterday's baptism onto facebook.

9:30- Finally get into the shower.

10:00- Chat with Summer on the phone. It's nice having another mom to talk about life with. I hadn't seen or talked to her in a few days, so it was nice to catch up a little bit.

10:05- (While on the phone) Reprimanding Noah and the dog for ganging up on the cat. Noah had him in a headlock and Chester was attacking from behind. Successfully freed (sp?) cat...who immediately ran for cover in the baby's crib.

10:30- Refilled juice, am starting to think about picking up the house a little bit. Reprimanded Noah for climbing on the table...Praying for the 12th time this morning for patience. Trying to decide if it will just be an early naptime or if we need an activity to keep us going today??

10:35- Started reading books with Noah...pretty much read through most of his library, but it was good quiet time with my son.

11:00- Started lunch

11:05-Pulled the oranges that Noah had started to microwave...out of the microwave and reprimanded Noah. As I am putting them higher, he reaches for the set of knives...bigger reprimand and explanation that knives are dangerous and can hurt. Kicked him out of the kitchen and for the 10th time today wondered how I could make a baby gate work in our house...

11:10- Gave Noah lunch- chatted with Becky C. on the phone about mom's hour at Starbucks...will go if Noah is not already sleeping (and I pray that he is)

11:17- Noah is throwing his food on the floor to the dog. After a warning, he picked it up and squeezed it all over his legs. Cleaned him up then put him in time out.

11:26- Decided that he needed to take a nap. Tried laying him down.

11:32- He got out of bed, made a loud noise and set the dog off on a barking tangent. Got dog settled down. Told Noah to lay back down.

11:35- took away binky (which is only for naptime) but have decided to let him play in his long as he stays in there. He is clearly not tired...although I am. Will probably go to mom's hour just to get out of the house and in a different setting. Hopefully he will wear out there and we can come home and he will nap.

12:00- Mom's Hour at Starbucks. Becky W., Becky C. and Sarah R. were all there with their kiddos. It was actually fun and helped to calm my nerves a little bit. Noah enjoyed being around the other kids except that he kept clearing the table of markers and such. He did give everyone hugs goodbye though...that was nice.

12:50- Start the naptime process for the second time. As I continually have to go in to lay him down again...I feel my blood pressure rising. It is not a good situation.

1:20- Dave wakes up from his morning rest. I ask him to check on Noah...who at that point was shaking his fish tank. Fortunately, Dave dealt with that one...and of course Noah went right to sleep after Daddy said something to him.

1:30- Dave and I started watching the movie, "Once"...A lot of our friends recommended it to us. It's an Indy film...neither Dave nor I were really thrilled with it (sorry to our friends that really liked it).

3:00- I'm still contemplating cleaning the house and Dave just went out to the garage to play. I need to run to the West side to go to Von's this afternoon sometime.

**Sorry about the continual jumping back and forth from past to present tenses...too lazy to go back and fix it though**


Ann said...

Sounds like an adventurous day! Life with a toddler is definitely never dull...glad you got some Mom time.

mjvan said...

Are you sure you don't want to get a crib tent? Just kidding! Sounds like a busy day! At lest Dave is home during the day to help out. We are missing Chris!