Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday Recap

Well, Dave turned 28 yesterday. He celebrated by working at Thorntown in the morning and the AEC overnight last night. Although he is on his way home, he hasn't made it here yet. We tried to make the day special for him though in our own way. I got up early and made blueberry muffins (the only "homemade" breakfast food that I am good at making). Noah woke up in time to give him his card and presents. From us, he got a professional name tag with Dr. Dave Yenerich, D.V.M. on it. We also got him the newest Streets and Trips so he can find his way around again. (We have the 2004 version...with all the new construction, it was time to upgrade).

He was able to come home for a little in between the two jobs, so we took him out to Monicals Pizza for dinner. Noah was not the best birthday party attendee, but we managed. Afterwards, since we were already out, Noah and I walked the mall, while Dave headed to work.

It truly was a birthday miracle...when I was at Kohl's I found a display with men's shoes really on sale. When this happens, I NEVER find Dave's size. But, because it was his birthday, it must have been a miracle for me to find a size 12 sitting there waiting for me to claim it. It's funny. When I brought them to Dave at work, we compared them with his current shoes (which he likes but are showing wear) and they are the exact same shoe except the new ones have navy blue instead of black accents. Darn, I'm good. :-)

Today we are going to bring an icecream cake to our lifegroup and do a mini-celebration there (since he worked all night yesterday). I talked with him this morning though, and it seemed like a quiet night last night (he banked 7 hours)...So that means with a nap, we'll get to play with him all day. :-) I know that he has missed Noah since he has been getting home too late to say goodnight and leaving just when he wakes up (or before). He has the next few days off, so it will be nice for him to relax and have family time.

I hear him coming in the door, so I will sign off. Have a great Tuesday!


Jonelly the Rockstar said...

Ice-cream-cake!! YES!!! :) Dave should have birthdays more often!

Ann said...

Too cool on the shoes! I'm glad Dave has some time off coming.

mjvan said...

Hey Kim! It will be fun to keep up better! Tell Dave Happy Birthday! He's so old! :)