Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So, Dave gave me the best gift ever. He met me at the play center in the mall after work (where I was having some of my meetings) and took Noah off my hands. Noah has been very trying the last few days (see previous blogs) and I was at my wits end. Dave came and we all had lunch together at Wendy's. Noah proceeded to throw the biggest tantrum to date (lasting almost 10 minutes). Dave stood his ground though, much to the chagrin of other diners. After Dave declared victory and Noah realized that yes, Daddy is in charge, he was so amiable. I just watched in wonder as Dave did his magic...thinking if it were me, I would have been in tears long ago. Dave has a certain "Super Nanny" quality about him. It's really quite impressive...but also leaves me feeling a little bereft. I want that too.

Anyway, we got home and Noah went down for his nap nicely. I then laid down and got to take a nap, which was wonderful since I wasn't feeling so great and was slightly uncomfortable with some baby pressure. When I woke up, Noah was already awake and Dave had some errands to run before lifegroup. He decided to take Noah with him. Of all the gifts he could have given me, this was priceless. I got an hour and a half to myself. I cleaned a little, ate a meal in peace, and got things ready for lifegroup. It was so great. Noah had another battle of wills over dinner, but Dave and I both handled him through that episode.

Lifegroup tonight was amazing. We just finished Naturally Supernatural. It was a good book and everyone had a lot to say and I feel that there was a lot of learning that happened (for me too!). I definitely learned more about the Holy Spirit and prayer from this book then I did before. We also chatted more about Saturday's conference and how incredibly God moved. Our lifegroup really seems to be solidifying, and yet we are growing too. It's a neat experience.

Thanks God for the ways that you work in our life. You know just what we need to sustain us and encourage us. You (are the) rock!