Monday, February 4, 2008

The good and the bad

It's interesting to see what actually rubs off on your kids. For instance, Dave and I always tuck Noah in by praying over him and then kissing him "night night". Well, in the mornings after Dave works and he lays down, Noah and I have gotten in the habit of tucking HIM in. It's pretty cute. We do the same thing that we do for Noah, except Noah gets to do it for daddy. We pray over him and then kiss him "night night". This morning was the first morning that Noah laid his hands on Dave's arm right by mine and silently looked on as I said a short prayer. It was really neat to see that he is starting to "get" praying or is at the very least, is modeling the actions of prayer. He did the same thing when I was praying for Leah this morning. However, since that prayer went a little longer, he lost interest fairly fast, but still. It was really neat to watch.

On a different note. He had a hard time falling asleep (or being willing to) for nap today. Since I was ready for a nap, it just exasperated me a little bit. When I finally got him down, and laid down myself, I had to listen to Dave snoring and couldn't find my ear plugs, which I now keep beside the bed. Two phone calls later, I aborted my attempt at sleep and came out to the living room to read. I asked Dave to hand me my phone, and as he did so it slipped from its case and smashed almost perfectly into the plastic of our office chair. I looked at him and said, "I hope it's not broken"...he looked down and said, "Well..." Apparently the screen went blank. That would be my FOURTH phone this plan...and our plan is not up until July. The phone that just recently broke was an old back-up that we kept around in case one of our phones broke. Well, after replacing 3 phones, I had decided to just use that one until our plan ran up. Stupid piece of crap phones. What are they made of? Apparently, cheap plastic. Ugh.

On the bright side, Dave's phone was also on the fritz, and so he ended up just ordering 2 new phones off ebay. God willing, these will get us to July.

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Ann said...

Bummer on the phone :( but cool on Noah praying with you!