Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I am having a hard time thinking of a witty I'll just write...

Last night's lifegroup I thought went really well. One of the guests from last week's party returned, which was awesome. She even had some great input into the discussion. I always feel like I fumble when it comes to the mechanics of breaking up for ministry. I can get through the first part for listening to the Holy Spirit, but when it comes to how we are actually going to break up to pray for others, I tend to get all jumbled up and am not sure how to go about it. Thank goodness for Gabe (the engineer) and Sheena for taking the initiative and getting it going. :-) I ended up receiving some really great prayer last night. Yesterday was sort of a breakdown day for me concerning the housework and Noah. I was frustrated with the housework and how I felt like I was never able to get a handle on it, and hence probably took it out on Noah. I had to repent to Noah, which is not always fun, but I feel is a necessary part of teaching him that although I am the parent and I have authority, I am not perfect, and sometimes make mistakes and have to make amends. Thankfully, huggies go both ways, and we were good after that. I was definitely on a short fuse last night though. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who was able to talk me off the edge and encourage me during both breakdowns. He said exactly what I needed to hear to be affirmed, but also to get my act together again.

Back to lifegroup...I ended up receiving prayer for what started out as pain in my left side. It ended up with Gabe praying for my messy living room and having patience. It was exactly what I needed. I love how God works.

This morning, Noah slept in until 8:15! It was glorious! I woke up at 8 a little disoriented as to why Noah hadn't woken me up yet, but really couldn't complain for the extra was great. Dave came home and cooked us an awesome breakfast (Noah helped) while I got showered to try to get ready for lapsit. However, I ended up not going to lapsit this morning, which was fine. It gave me an opportunity to clean the kitchen. Then since I was in the mood, I finished cleaning the rest of the house. I now feel that I can sit down for a little bit this afternoon and have some "me" time. I don't feel so behind anymore.

We have a doctor's appt. this afternoon. Just a check-up. We are now going every 2 weeks. I am excited because that indicates that soon, we will get to meet our little man. Although we are keeping mum about the name, we are telling Noah, who can't really pronounce it right, but its pretty cute when he tries. Hopefully, when new baby does come along, Noah will be at least a little prepared. However, I am pretty sure that his world is going to be rocked a little bit. He's used to running the show and having the world revolve around him. It will take some adjustment I'm sure.

Well, that's about all on my end. I need to finish the kitchen, then I am going to take a moment and just....breathe. :-)

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Ann said...

Glad you got some good prayer last night! What is a "lapsit"? Congrats on the housekeeping...Patrick cleaned the kitchen yesterday, that was a great blessing, so all that's left is vacuuming...and folding the new mountain of laundry!